Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow bottle or jar

Materials: White paper, clear bottle or plastic jar, tinfoil (optional), hot glue or super glue

Directions: Basically make confetti out of your sheet of white paper. If you have an older child you can allow them to cut or tear the paper- both are great fine motor skills. If you want to add small pieces of tinfoil that is an option. You can also decorate the bottle or jar with snowflake stickers. (I did because I had them around from scrapbooking.) You don't have to add a lot of paper and tinfoil. Just enough to make about 1" piled in the bottom of your bottle or jar. Once you are done glue on the lid. Your child can shake up an instant snow storm in their bottle or jar!

For older kids try making a snowglobe. (Click for link to instructions.)