Monday, March 9, 2009

Foot Paiting and The Shape of Me!!

The Shape Of Me!

materials: brown bag or construction paper, markers or crayons, photo of your child, magazines to cut out things your child likes

activity: Cut out a "person" shape from your brown bag or construction paper (sorry, I do not have a pattern for this one because I just drew it, but you could probably do a google search for one). Have your child color the cut out. Once they are done have them go through the magazines to find things they like (of course for younger children you will need to help with this step). Have them glue the things they like onto their body shape.

Foot painting

materials: brown bag or large piece of paper (you could use the back of wrapping paper also- the white side), paint

activity: What I did was cut the paper bag so it was like one long strip (so basically i cut off the bottom and cut it down the side). Then I put it in the bottom of our bathtub. I put a paper plate with 2 colors of paint on each into the tub. I had my son step one foot in each color and then walk on the paper. As you can see from the photo I ended up cutting off about 1 side of the bag, because my son was not too thrilled with this activity. I just think he wasn't in the mood for it and wanted to take a bath more than anything. Afterwards I just ran the bath and he was clean. It's the easiest way to do this! :)


Amber said...

We did a foot painting project too in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday. You were MUCH smarter about it than I was! ;)

Great idea doing it in the bathtub! You live, you learn. :)