Thursday, March 5, 2009

Starlight Starbright

Our library hands out little maker bags with different activities each week that you can take home and do with your kids. To the left is my take on the maker they had for this week. The makers are usually traditional story or rhyme things (for example: last week was the little kittens who'd lost their mittens). I want to do more of the classic rhymes with my son, so I've been doing these activities with him. This week was the "Starlight, Starbright" rhyme. There was a die cut star (the inner cut out had been removed and they left the outer portion), clear yellow contact paper, and a piece of string. I covered the die cut with the paper so it was like a window effect. Then I cut around the edge of the star. I puched a hole and put the string through the hole. I then wrote the rhyme all around the edge and hung this in my son's room. I was pretty pleased with how this turned out and it will remind me to say the rhyme to him, so he can learn it for himself.


Anonymous said...

really cute stars!