Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coffee Teddy Bear

Materials: Brown construction paper or brown grocery bag cut to a teddy bear shape, dried coffee grounds, glue, paint brush

Activity: Have the child paint the bear with glue. Next sprinkle the coffee grounds onto the bear. Allow time to dry. You can replace coffee grounds with cinnamon, also.

TIP: Wash paint brush immediately off or glue can ruin it.

These turn out really cute, and smell yummy. I don't know if we will do this one because we don't drink coffee on a regular basis. But if someone does it and wants to send me a pic, please leave me a comment. :) I've done this many years in my classroom and they always turn out great.

For a teddy bear coloring sheet that you could use for a pattern: Click here.

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Teddy bear shape book that could also be used as a pattern: Click here.