Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who Lives At My House

This is one of my favorite project to do with young children. Family themed projects never fail to delight young children, because family is the most important thing in their lives. They love doing activities involving their family and this project is a chance to show who is in your family. I absolutely always love the way this project turns out.

Materials: Paper to make your house out of (I used white cardstock, but you can use construction paper or a recycled
grocery bag or any type of paper you'd like), paint/markers/crayons, sharpie, photos of people who live in your home, glue stick

Activity: You can cut a house shape out of your paper or cut a rectangle and triangle (one for the body of the house and one for the roof). Use your sharpie to write "Who Lives In My House?" at the top on the roof and to draw a door (and windows if you want- I used white paper to create window frames). Allow your child to paint or color the house. My son just did tons of paint colors, but older children might want to make it look more like their real home. Once it is dry cut out the photos of your family and put them in the windows (or create window frames using brown or white paper). Allow to dry. This is another project that I laminated, because I plan on keeping it forever so I want it to last! :)


Liam and Lauren's mom said...

Love the house!

Learning and Growing said...

Thanks, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

So cute! You are great at coming up with ideas Andrea! Now did you really get Chloe's paw print or did you draw it? :)

Learning and Growing said...

I really actually got Chloe's paw print! Haha. I put some paint on the paper plate and made her step in it and then on the paper. I was shocked because she actually just went right along with it.

jennwa said...

That is a fun idea.

Thanks for sharing.

Teaching Heart Mom said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

Katie said...

Good idea, I like how it incorporates family pictures and you're right young children love things that have to do with their family.