Monday, February 9, 2009

Homemade Valentines

One of the things we will definitely be doing starting tomorrow is making our own valentines. My plan is to cut heart shaped valentines for my son to paint or color. Older kids can get very creative making them! You can use sequins, stickers, glitter, stamps and tons of other things!! Another really fun idea is to have your child help you write a message to a loved one. Here is a link to a writing sheet that says "I love you because...". It's a heart shape, so you could have your child make their creative valentine and then cut this heart shaped stationary page out and glue it to the back. What a great thing for a grandma, grandpa, daddy or friend! And what a great way to teach your child to appreciate their family and friends and learn to express that love in words!!


Sara said...

We already made valentines!!! just to send them out! :)

Learning and Growing said...

I bet your's are really cute, Sara! Lucas is at a perfect age for doing projects like that.