Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Teddy Bear Crafts

(On the left) This was my replacement for the Coffee Teddy Bear (if you remember I said we don't have coffee grounds, because we don't use a coffee maker). I just cut out the bear shape (out of a brown bag) and then my son painted it with brown paint. I cut out a heart and glued it in the middle and wrote "I love you beary much!" on it. (On the right) This was my improvised paper plate teddy bear. I gave Elliot a paper plate and brown marker and had him color it. He also used some crayons, too. Then I just cut the middle circle out of the plate and added the details. My origional plan was to have him paint a large paper plate and then a paper bowl. You would use the bowl as the bear's muzzle and add features using marker or wiggly eyes, etc. Well, I had no paper bowls, and it was a day where I was not about to go out and get them. So we just had to improvise.