Monday, February 2, 2009

Mitten Matching Game

This is a simple and easy to make game that will help your child with color identification and one to one correspondence (which is an important early math skill). You can make many versions of this game to go with different themes. I went with mittens since it goes with the themes we've been exploring in our house.

Materials: Construction paper of various colors, sharpie, glue stick, and contact paper (optional)

Directions: Cut out 2 mittens for each color. Glue one mitten down to the "mat" (which I used black construction paper for). Write the color name on the other mitten. It's really good for young kids to have things labeled with print, even if they cannot read it yet. I would recommend laminating this or using contact paper to cover it. It will protect your pieces from getting ruined.


Liam's and Lauren's mom said...

Andrea - From where did you get the shape of the mitten? can't find it anywhere.TIA

BTW you're doing such a great job

Learning and Growing said...


Here is a good sight for patterns.
You might have to shrink it down in size, though. Otherwise, you can use one of your kids' mittens to create a pattern. Just trace around it and use what you traced as your pattern. Hope that helps. :)